Stylish and Decorative
Stone Designs

Hydrobloc™ is dedicated to enhancing your exterior landscaping and beyond for over 15 years!

With a complete line of products and adding new and innovative products each year.
From landscaping stones, tiles, curbs, benches, columns, tables, pots, fountains, fireplaces and more… in a variety of different colours.
A unique design that is versatile enough to let you create your own project with unlimited possibilities that is only limited to your imagination…while providing ecological benefits.

Permeable Materials

Hydrobloc™ ahead of its time with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing high permeability pervious concrete products.
The technology allows for high permeability and water drainage capacity meaning that the products absorbs rain water and allows a natural runoff.
With major concerns for better water management because of climate change and denser populations worldwide Hydrobloc™ brings an ecological solution.

Reduce water accumulation
Natural water absorption into the ground
Reflects sunlight and reduces overheating in comparison with other darker material such as asphalt
Anti-Slipping surface and safer
Reduction of pollution
Can be incorporated in an application for water re-usage
Withstands extreme weather conditions
Long term resistance and durability with proven installations

Hydrobloc™ does bring many benefits to your projects and is the environmental choice.
Hydrobloc™ is the logical choice because of the many benefits to the environment and the flexibility it gives for a multitude of applications.
Contact us for more of the benefits and how we can help you incorporate Hydrobloc™ to your projects.

LEED Green Building
Rating System Qualifier

USGBC LEED environmental certification for constructions

The properties of Hydrobloc™ allows a favourable response to the requirements of the LEED environmental certification program.

Hydrobloc™ is a solution to increase LEED points in your project.


Hydrobloc™ is driven in manufacturing a unique and innovative line of pervious concrete landscaping products since 1994. The product line includes landscaping stones, tiles, table, bench and accessories. Our products are unique because they are permeable meaning that our technology and manufacturing process enables us to provide a stone that water can go through fluidly. This unique feature makes the stone more ecological in the sense that you can use it for natural water drainage and reuse of rain water. Our line of products also qualifies for The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™.